Hey, hey, hey. It's an API!

A man driving that works for Alphabet (Google), drives a car and takes imagery for Google Maps.

Need some help? What's that? You really want to make your awesome website display jPop song info like the artist name or song title, but are afraid of the time investment to gather all that data? Don't sweat it, I know this awesome API...

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Generators. What are they?

The man behind the generator. Ooohh....that's why async code works...

What do you mean the generators are not running to completion!? Isn't the entire point to do their task and stop executing? No!? What do you mean its the, "magic" that keeps the async flow control in a synchronous-looking fashion?

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What is a Promise?

A handshake, the classic symbol of trust...or shall we say...a promise?

Remember those callback functions I mentioned in my previous blog post? What if I told you those can turn ugly, real fast? Calm down, I understand. Look, I can explain why you should be using promises instead if it makes sense to do so...

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What is a callback function?

Lots of code written in what looks like Python.

Callback functions? What are those? Why should I care? Whenever we desire to write applications or websites, we run into times where we would like for something to happen in the foreground, meanwhile another process continues to execute in the background. This is known as asynchronous programming and...

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Big O Notation Explained

Big O Notation

What is Big O Notation and why should I care about it? As a Web Developer, do I need to learn something so theoretical and math-heavy? Big O Notation is a way to measure how long a programming algorithm takes to execute large amounts...

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